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Whether your relocation is from Chicago, IL to Lake Havasu City, AZ — or you’re moving to Long Island, NY — use to find the best place. Even if you’re staying in the same metro area, like relocation in Las Vegas, a Charlotte, NC relocation, or a Jacksonville, Florida relocation the Local Insight search process can help. You can also obtain demographic data and school info, by Zip Code in easy-to-use reports.

Before checking real estate listings, housing data, or driving around residential areas, get the info you need. Your Realtor (R) will be better able to help you find the best places, best residential real estate or housing, best neighborhood.

Moving to Lake Havasu City, Arizona? Want the best place to retire? Thinking about a relocation service? Start by informing yourself. provides US real estate, schools, and demographic data in easy-to-use reports for communities and Zip Codes — and neighborhoods in six major cities. It’s your personal relocation service. From moving boxes to house moving companies to moving rental trucks, you have a lot to think about when you move — make it a little easier and less stressful by being informed.

Moving to Long Island? Looking for US demographic data and to find the best place for a family? Use to get data on Long Island, New York schools, real estate, and demographics. Use the Local Insight search engine to help you find the right community. Just designate a community you know and like and it will tell you which communities in your target area are most like it.

Considering relocation to Colorado Springs? Want to compare it with relocation to Arizona? offers helpful comparison reports of communities or Zip Codes to help you make an informed decision. It’s your US demographic data and real estate reference source for all the best places. Considering retirement? Long before checking out house moving companies, packing the moving boxes or looking for moving rental trucks, find the information you need to make the right move and find the best place, whether it’s for retirement or moving.

Here are some examples of how relocation is easier when you use

Moving to Long Island …
Commuting time versus affordable real estate — when moving to Long Island, like relocation to Chicago, IL it’s the same challenge. With hundreds of communities in the metro area, it’s not like relocation to Colorado Springs, finding the right one for you can be difficult. The Local Insight search engine at can make it easier for you. In 3 steps it can provide you with recommendations on communities that are likely to appeal to you. Get the Long Island, New York demographics you need. If you’re moving to Long Island — or anywhere else in the New York metro area — use to make the process quicker and easier.

St. Augustine, Florida relocation …
You’re looking for a new home and have decided on St. Augustine, Florida as the best place for your relocation and retirement. Let be the US demographic data reference service for you. It’s near Jacksonville, but much different than a Jacksonville, Florida relocation. You can obtain demographic reports by Zip Code — or compare among different Zip Code areas. While there aren’t as many communities to consider as moving to Long Island or relocation to Chicago, IL being informed makes the process easier for you.

Relocation: Colorado Springs …
Perhaps you considered relocation to Arizona, but really liked the idea of relocation to Colorado Springs. You knew someone who had used US demographic & housing data for their Jacksonville, Florida relocation — so before you thought about selling and house moving companies, you used to obtain the info you needed and went into the process fully informed. By the time you were arranging moving rental trucks, you knew the place you were moving to like you had already lived there...everything about the real estate, population, and culture.

Charlotte, NC relocation …
Maybe your first relocation was to Chicago, IL. Although you had lots of choices of where to look, it was overwhelming. A Charlotte, NC relocation presents a similar challenge: there are about 150 communities in the Charlotte, NC metro area to choose among for your relocation — you might as well be moving to Long Island. Use the Local Insight function within to help you find the best places…an automated relocation service. Compare Zip Code demographic data or different communities in the metro area. Take the guesswork out of finding the best place for you.

Relocation: Chicago, IL …
Finding a community with affordable real estate and without a long commute — relocation to Chicago, IL, like moving to Long Island, can be a challenge. There are so many communities in the metro area, finding the best one can be difficult. The Local Insight community search engine at can make it easier for you. In 3 steps it can provide you with recommendations on places that are likely to appeal to you. You can also get demographic, school and housing reference reports on communities and Zip Codes. For relocation to Chicago, IL use to make the process quicker and easier. Work more effectively with your Realtor (R). Control moving costs.

Lake Havasu City, AZ relocation …
You’ve moved throughout your career: relocation to Jacksonville, Florida — relocation to Chicago, Illinois — moving to Long Island. Now it’s time for a more relaxed pace. You know Calfiornia demographics…the Calif. real estate scene is incentive for a cheaper place. So, you’re considering living near Lake Havasu. A relocation service can help with the details of the move to retire. Before that, start with US demographic data reports from — either by Zip Code or community. You can also compare the Lake Havasu area to other places with the informative comparison reports.

Moving out West …
Relocation: Colorado Springs? Relocation to Arizona? Relocation in Las Vegas? Which is the best? offers comparison reports with US real estate, school, and demographic data for communities and Zip Codes throughout the US. You can compare different cities to find the right places for you to retire. You can use the Local Insight community search engine to help you find the communities that are likely to appeal to you. It’s a personalized relocation service. Then — as you’re investigating house moving companies, considering moving rental trucks, or packing the moving boxes — you’ll know you’re making an informed move. … Find Your Place in the World is your real estate and demographics reference source for communities and Zip Code areas throughout the U.S. You can also get neighborhood demographic reports. Find the best places for you.

Long Island, New York demographics … Cost of living … California demographics … Demographics for Georgia … Looking to retire? …Relocation to Arizona … Jacksonville, Florida relocation …

How makes your relocation easier:

Local Insight: in 3 easy steps, you get the recommendations you need to start your search. This is a community search engine that automatically compares a community you like to all communities in a metro area you select to rank the best places for you. That gives you a great starting point in looking for a new home...your own relocation service to find the best real estate.

Profile Reports: in-depth real estate, school, and population demographic reference data by community, Zip Code area, or neighborhood (neighborhood reports are available for NYC / New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, SF / San Francisco, and LA / Los Angeles.

Comparison Reports: a summary of real estate, schools, demographics for multiple communities or Zip Code areas. Instead of just Long Island, New York or Calfiornia demographics — compare the places you’re interested in: compare cities or do a cost of living comparison. … be informed when you move provides you with community, neighborhood, and Zip Code area real estate, school, demographic, and cultural information for moving, relocation, retirement.

Compare cities … Cost of Living comparison … Student to Teacher ratio … Median home value … Education statistics … Neighborhood demographics … Retirement

Get the US house and demographic data you want to make an informed decision. Whether it is relocation or retirement, we can help find the best place for you.

Use the Local Insight community search engine to get recommendations on cities, towns, and villages that could be appealing to you. The Comparison reports allow you to compare cities, Zip Codes, or neighborhoods using cost of living data, like median home value — and education statistics, like student to teacher ratio. The Profile reports provide in-depth US demographic data for cities, towns, villages, neighborhoods, and Zip Codes. So before you start thinking about house moving companies, moving boxes or moving rental trucks, use to find the right community for you. If for years you have worked in big cities, it is very likely at some point in your life you have thought of securing a job in your dream locale. However, unlike those big cities getting great jobs in your locale can be quite an uphill task. Here are great tips that will help you find a good job.

Take advantage of job search sites that focus on local jobs When it comes to finding a job, the first and important step is to carry out proper research. Take your time and you comb through any useful resource that you can get hold of and you find out all the organizations and companies in and around your locale. This is important; a good number of jobs are not actually advertised and making a list of companies can in way help you tap into that hidden job market.

Expose your skills and you make the job come to you Many at times, job seekers are highly advised to take the first initiative. Utilize job boards and upload your resume on their databases. This will not only make your skills visible to several employers, it also helps you in narrowing down on the location giving you one of the biggest opportunities to securing job that is 10 minutes from where your home. It does not even stop there; go a head and sign up with recruitment agencies and you constantly keep in touch with them to find out about their latest jobs in your locale. Do not wait for jobs to be advertised.

Read the newspapers and other useful sources of information Even for an industry that has gone digital and everything is happening online, it still make a lot of sense if you go through your local dailies and you pay attention on the jobs recruitment sections who knows there could be something interesting like etj cdl truck driving jobs where you can explore your new locale. Not only will this give you a clear idea of the available jobs, it will also help you to understand the trends and industries that thrive in your locale.

Network, network and network When you are trying to find a job, networking is the heart and soul of the whole process. Take your time and you think of anyone you met through out your educational journey like fellow students, careers services advisors among others. At the end, make sure all the relevant contacts and networks know that you are available and where your strength and expertise really lie.

Be unique and think differently For an industry that has witnessed some of the biggest competitions in the recent past like etj trucking jobs, what have you done in order to stand out from the crowd? When contacting companies and other possible employers, think of great ways you can use to stand out from the crowded job market.

Enrich your CV with a vocational qualification With the way things currently stand across the jobs market, all the experience and contacts you might be having are not even enough to actually tip the balance in your favor. If your CV is a little bit thin when it comes to qualifications, consider bringing another string on board and you go some of the best vocational skills. The roles that roofs play in our household structures cannot in any way be overestimated. They protect the room occupants from direct sunlight in the summer, prevent rain from falling into the rooms during the springs, protect the occupants from snow during winters and generally make houses inhabitable. It is therefore critical to adhere to certain principles while selecting the right roofing company in a dream locale. The ensuing arguments shall highlight the main tips to consider in so doing:

a) TIP I: Acknowledgement of the fact that the most appropriate roofing company need not necessarily be the cheapest one.

This is mainly because the cost of the roof is usually just one of the several services that offers; other services such as consultancy, after sales services e.t.c. are equally important.

b) TIP II: The selection of a local roofing company especially after a major environmental catastrophe.

A local roofing company is usually familiar with the dynamics of the locale within which a particular installation is based and is thus in a position to forestall a major damage after another storm.

c) TIP III: The selection of a multi-generation roofing company that is also branded.

That’s because they have the necessary experience, expertise and reputation that one can easily rely on.

d) TIP IV: Selection of a whose personnel is experienced.

Experienced, well-trained and highly skilled are very important since they help customers to identify their specific problems, recommend appropriate solutions and respond accordingly to their customers’ needs.

e) TIP V: The selection of a roofing company that has a good rapport with its clientele.

That’s because good rapport results in the creation of good relationships between a roofing company and other stakeholders in the roofing industry which enables customers get the very best of what the roofing company has to offer.

f) TIP VI: The selection of as most reputable a roofing company as possible.

The more reputable a is, the better since reputation is usually the sum total of experience, excellent customer satisfaction from and high quality service which are very crucial for any would-be roofer.

g) TIP VII: Rejection of roofing companies that have poor Public Relations and Customer Care etiquette.

Customer relations is usually the first point of contact between a prospective client and a roofing company. A lapse in communication or a casual handling of a customer query are red flags that that particular roofing company is not capable of handling the needs of the prospective client accordingly.

h) TIP VIII: Selection of roofing companies that appreciates all customers irrespective of their size.

A good reiter roofing company in philadelphia is one that does not discriminate its clients on the basis of their size or the potential monetary advantages they are most likely to bring in. That means they are focused more on service delivery from and customer satisfaction rather than profits.

i) TIP IX: Selection of the roofing company that is capable of delivering other roofing-allied services.

The right roofing materials are not the only products of a good roofing company. After-sales services, discount promos are equally necessary. The more of these extra goods and services a roofing company offers, the better.

j) TIP X: Speaking the language a roofing company understands or easily identifies with.

If you promise a roofing company that you’ll refer them to potential future clients, the more enthusiastic they would be to serve you and offer you promotions and discounts.

Real estate/Cost of living info, population demographics, school & test score data

Best Places to People Watch.
Population: Top 5 Communities by state.

Alabama: 1. Birmingham City 2. Montgomery City 3. Mobile City 4. Huntsville City 5. Tuscaloosa City Alaska: 1. Anchorage Municipality 2. Juneau Borough 3. Fairbanks City 4. College 5. Sitka Borough Arizona: 1. Phoenix City 2. Tucson City 3. Mesa City 4. Glendale City 5. Scottsdale City Arkansas: 1. Little Rock City 2. Fort Smith City 3. North Little Rock City 4. Fayetteville City 5. Jonesboro City California: 1. Los Angeles City 2. San Diego City 3. San Jose City 4. San Francisco City 5. Long Beach City Colorado: 1. Denver City 2. Colorado Springs City 3. Aurora City 4. Lakewood City 5. Fort Collins City Connecticut: 1. Bridgeport City 2. New Haven City 3. Hartford City 4. Stamford City 5. Waterbury City Delaware: 1. Wilmington City 2. Dover City 3. Newark City 4. Pike Creek 5. Bear Florida: 1. Jacksonville City 2. Miami City 3. Tampa City 4. St. Petersburg City 5. Hialeah City Georgia: 1. Atlanta City 2. Savannah City 3. Macon City 4. Sandy Springs 5. Roswell City Hawaii: 1. Honolulu 2. Hilo 3. Kailua 4. Kaneohe 5. Waipahu Idaho: 1. Boise City 2. Nampa City 3. Pocatello City 4. Idaho Falls City 5. Meridian City Illinois: 1. Chicago City 2. Rockford City 3. Aurora City 4. Naperville City 5. Peoria City Indiana: 1. Fort Wayne City 2. Evansville City 3. South Bend City 4. Gary City 5. Hammond City Iowa: 1. Des Moines City 2. Cedar Rapids City 3. Davenport City 4. Sioux City 5. Waterloo City Kansas: 1. Wichita City 2. Overland Park City 3. Kansas City 4. Topeka City 5. Olathe City Kentucky: 1. Louisville City 2. Owensboro City 3. Bowling Green City 4. Covington City 5. Hopkinsville City Louisiana: 1. New Orleans City 2. Baton Rouge City 3. Shreveport City 4. Metairie 5. Lafayette City Maine: 1. Portland City 2. Lewiston City 3. Bangor City 4. South Portland City 5. Auburn City Maryland: 1. Baltimore City 2. Columbia 3. Silver Spring 4. Dundalk 5. Wheaton-Glenmont Massachusetts: 1. Boston City 2. Worcester City 3. Springfield City 4. Lowell City 5. Cambridge City Michigan: 1. Detroit City 2. Grand Rapids City 3. Warren City 4. Flint City 5. Sterling Heights City Minnesota: 1. Minneapolis City 2. St. Paul City 3. Duluth City 4. Rochester City 5. Bloomington City Mississippi: 1. Jackson City 2. Gulfport City 3. Biloxi City 4. Hattiesburg City 5. Greenville City Missouri: 1. Kansas City 2. St. Louis City 3. Springfield City 4. Independence City 5. Columbia City Montana: 1. Billings City 2. Missoula City 3. Great Falls City 4. Bozeman City 5. Helena City Nebraska: 1. Omaha City 2. Lincoln City 3. Bellevue City 4. Grand Island City 5. Kearney City Nevada: 1. Las Vegas City 2. Paradise 3. Reno City 4. Henderson City 5. Sunrise Manor New Hampshire: 1. Manchester City 2. Nashua City 3. Concord City 4. Derry Town 5. Rochester City New Jersey: 1. Newark City 2. Jersey City 3. Paterson City 4. Elizabeth City 5. Edison New Mexico: 1. Albuquerque City 2. Las Cruces City 3. Santa Fe City 4. Rio Rancho City 5. Roswell City New York: 1. New York City 2. Hempstead Town 3. Brookhaven Town 4. Islip Town 5. Oyster Bay Town North Carolina: 1. Charlotte City 2. Raleigh City 3. Greensboro City 4. Durham City 5. Winston-Salem City North Dakota: 1. Fargo City 2. Bismarck City 3. Grand Forks City 4. Minot City 5. Mandan City Ohio: 1. Columbus City 2. Cleveland City 3. Cincinnati City 4. Toledo City 5. Akron City Oklahoma: 1. Oklahoma City 2. Tulsa City 3. Norman City 4. Lawton City 5. Broken Arrow City Oregon: 1. Portland City 2. Eugene City 3. Salem City 4. Gresham City 5. Beaverton City Pennsylvania: 1. Philadelphia City 2. Pittsburgh City 3. AllenTown 4. Erie City 5. Upper Darby Township Rhode Island: 1. Providence City 2. Warwick City 3. Cranston City 4. Pawtucket City 5. East Providence City South Carolina: 1. Columbia City 2. Charleston City 3. North Charleston City 4. Greenville City 5. Rock Hill City South Dakota: 1. Sioux Falls City 2. Rapid City 3. Aberdeen City 4. WaterTown 5. Brookings City Tennessee: 1. Memphis City 2. Knoxville City 3. Chattanooga City 4. Clarksville City 5. Murfreesboro City Texas: 1. Houston City 2. Dallas City 3. San Antonio City 4. Austin City 5. El Paso City Utah: 1. Salt Lake City 2. West Valley City 3. Provo City 4. Sandy City 5. Orem City Vermont: 1. Burlington City 2. Essex Town 3. Rutland City 4. Colchester Town 5. South Burlington City Virginia: 1. Virginia Beach City 2. Norfolk City 3. Chesapeake City 4. Richmond City 5. Arlington Washington: 1. Seattle City 2. Spokane City 3. Tacoma City 4. Vancouver City 5. Bellevue City West Virginia: 1. Charleston City 2. Huntington City 3. Parkersburg City 4. Wheeling City 5. MorganTown Wisconsin: 1. Milwaukee City 2. Madison City 3. Green Bay City 4. Kenosha City 5. Racine City Wyoming: 1. Cheyenne City 2. Casper City 3. Laramie City 4. Gillette City 5. Rock Springs City

Best Places to People Watch.
Population: Top 5 Counties by state.

Alabama: 1. Jefferson County 2. Mobile County 3. Madison County 4. Montgomery County 5. Tuscaloosa County Alaska: 1. Anchorage Municipality 2. Fairbanks North Star Borough 3. Matanuska-Susitna Borough 4. Kenai Peninsula Borough 5. Juneau City Borough Arizona: 1. Maricopa County 2. Pima County 3. Pinal County 4. Yavapai County 5. Yuma County Arkansas: 1. Pulaski County 2. Washington County 3. Benton County 4. Sebastian County 5. Garland County California: 1. Los Angeles County 2. Orange County 3. San Diego County 4. San Bernardino County 5. Santa Clara County Colorado: 1. Denver County 2. Jefferson County 3. El Paso County 4. Arapahoe County 5. Adams County Connecticut: 1. Fairfield County 2. Hartford County 3. New Haven County 4. New London County 5. Litchfield County Delaware: 1. New Castle County 2. Sussex County 3. Kent County Florida: 1. Miami-Dade County 2. Broward County 3. Palm Beach County 4. Hillsborough County 5. Pinellas County Georgia: 1. Fulton County 2. DeKalb County 3. Cobb County 4. Gwinnett County 5. Clayton County Hawaii: 1. Honolulu County 2. Hawaii County 3. Maui County 4. Kauai County 5. Kalawao County Idaho: 1. Ada County 2. Canyon County 3. Kootenai County 4. Bonneville County 5. Bannock County Illinois: 1. Cook County 2. DuPage County 3. Lake County 4. Will County 5. Kane County Indiana: 1. Marion County 2. Lake County 3. Allen County 4. St. Joseph County 5. Elkhart County Iowa: 1. Polk County 2. Linn County 3. Scott County 4. Black Hawk County 5. Johnson County Kansas: 1. Sedgwick County 2. Johnson County 3. Shawnee County 4. Wyandotte County 5. Douglas County Kentucky: 1. Jefferson County 2. Fayette County 3. Kenton County 4. Hardin County 5. Warren County Louisiana: 1. Orleans Parish 2. Jefferson Parish 3. East Baton Rouge Parish 4. Caddo Parish 5. St. Tammany Parish Maine: 1. Cumberland County 2. York County 3. Penobscot County 4. Kennebec County 5. Androscoggin County Maryland: 1. Montgomery County 2. Prince George’s County 3. Baltimore County 4. Baltimore City County 5. Anne Arundel County Massachusetts: 1. Middlesex County 2. Worcester County 3. Essex County 4. Suffolk County 5. Norfolk County Michigan: 1. Wayne County 2. Oakland County 3. Macomb County 4. Kent County 5. Genesee County Minnesota: 1. Hennepin County 2. Ramsey County 3. Dakota County 4. Anoka County 5. Washington County Mississippi: 1. Hinds County 2. Harrison County 3. Jackson County 4. Rankin County 5. DeSoto County Missouri: 1. St. Louis County 2. Jackson County 3. St. Louis City County 4. St. Charles County 5. Greene County Montana: 1. Yellowstone County 2. Missoula County 3. Cascade County 4. Flathead County 5. Gallatin County Nebraska: 1. Douglas County 2. Lancaster County 3. Sarpy County 4. Hall County 5. Buffalo County Nevada: 1. Clark County 2. Washoe County 3. Carson City County 4. Elko County 5. Douglas County New Hampshire: 1. Hillsborough County 2. Rockingham County 3. Merrimack County 4. Strafford County 5. Grafton County New Jersey: 1. Bergen County 2. Essex County 3. Middlesex County 4. Monmouth County 5. Hudson County New Mexico: 1. Bernalillo County 2. Dona Ana County 3. Santa Fe County 4. San Juan County 5. Sandoval County New York: 1. Kings County 2. Queens County 3. New York County 4. Suffolk County 5. Nassau County North Carolina: 1. Mecklenburg County 2. Wake County 3. Guilford County 4. Forsyth County 5. Cumberland County North Dakota: 1. Cass County 2. Burleigh County 3. Grand Forks County 4. Ward County 5. Morton County Ohio: 1. Cuyahoga County 2. Franklin County 3. Hamilton County 4. Montgomery County 5. Summit County Oklahoma: 1. Oklahoma County 2. Tulsa County 3. Cleveland County 4. Comanche County 5. Canadian County Oregon: 1. Multnomah County 2. Washington County 3. Clackamas County 4. Lane County 5. Marion County Pennsylvania: 1. Philadelphia County 2. Allegheny County 3. Montgomery County 4. Bucks County 5. Delaware County Rhode Island: 1. Providence County 2. Kent County 3. Washington County 4. Newport County 5. Bristol County South Carolina: 1. Greenville County 2. Richland County 3. Charleston County 4. Spartanburg County 5. Lexington County South Dakota: 1. Minnehaha County 2. Pennington County 3. Brown County 4. Brookings County 5. Codington County Tennessee: 1. Shelby County 2. Davidson County 3. Knox County 4. Hamilton County 5. Rutherford County Texas: 1. Harris County 2. Dallas County 3. Tarrant County 4. Bexar County 5. Travis County Utah: 1. Salt Lake County 2. Utah County 3. Davis County 4. Weber County 5. Cache County Vermont: 1. Chittenden County 2. Rutland County 3. Washington County 4. Windsor County 5. Franklin County Virginia: 1. Fairfax County 2. Virginia Beach City County 3. Prince William County 4. Henrico County 5. Chesterfield County Washington: 1. King County 2. Pierce County 3. Snohomish County 4. Spokane County 5. Clark County West Virginia: 1. Kanawha County 2. Cabell County 3. Wood County 4. Monongalia County 5. Raleigh County Wisconsin: 1. Milwaukee County 2. Dane County 3. Waukesha County 4. Brown County 5. Racine County Wyoming: 1. Laramie County 2. Natrona County 3. Sweetwater County 4. Fremont County 5. Campbell County

Best Places to Have a High-brow Conversation.
College Degrees: Top 5 Communities by state.

Alabama: 1. Mountain Brook City 2. Lake Purdy 3. Meadowbrook 4. Vestavia Hills City 5. Auburn City Alaska: 1. Ester 2. Mud Bay 3. Port Alsworth 4. McKinley Park 5. Gustavus Arizona: 1. Paradise Valley Town 2. Catalina Foothills 3. Rio Verde 4. Carefree Town 5. Tanque Verde Arkansas: 1. Cammack Village 2. Maumelle City 3. College City 4. Fayetteville City 5. Johnson City California: 1. Stanford 2. Muir Beach 3. Los Altos Hills Town 4. Kensington 5. Piedmont City Colorado: 1. Cherry Hills Village 2. Genesee 3. Greenwood Village 4. Jamestown Town 5. Castle Pines Connecticut: 1. Weston Town 2. New Canaan Town 3. Wilton Town 4. Darien 5. Westport Delaware: 1. Greenville 2. Henlopen Acres Town 3. North Star 4. Hockessin 5. Newark City Florida: 1. Oak Point 2. Golf Village 3. Orchid Town 4. Fisher Island 5. Key Biscayne Village Georgia: 1. Druid Hills 2. Lookout Mountain City 3. Vinings 4. Vernonburg Town 5. Skidaway Island Hawaii: 1. Kawela Bay 2. Kapalua 3. Kaanapali 4. Princeville 5. Maunawili Idaho: 1. Sun Valley City 2. Moscow City 3. Ketchum City 4. Fernan Lake Village 5. Hayden Lake City Illinois: 1. Kenilworth Village 2. Winnetka Village 3. Golf Village 4. Glencoe Village 5. Lake Forest City Indiana: 1. Dune Acres Town 2. Meridian Hills Town 3. Williams Creek Town 4. West Lafayette City 5. Wynnedale Town Iowa: 1. University Heights City 2. Westwood City 3. Ames City 4. Clive City 5. Iowa City Kansas: 1. Mission Hills City 2. Mission Woods City 3. Westwood Hills City 4. Fairway City 5. Eastborough City Kentucky: 1. Mockingbird Valley City 2. Rolling Fields City 3. Riverwood City 4. Anchorage City 5. Maryhill Estates City Louisiana: 1. Oak Hills Place 2. Elmwood 3. Shenandoah 4. Grambling Town 5. Village St. George Maine: 1. Cape Elizabeth Town 2. Yarmouth 3. Castine Town 4. Yarmouth Town 5. Cumberland Center Maryland: 1. Chevy Chase Section Five Village 2. Chevy Chase Town 3. Chevy Chase Village Town 4. Chevy Chase Section Three Village 5. Maryland: 1. Somerset Town 2. Carlisle Town 3. Dover Town 4. Brookline 5. Dover Michigan: 1. Barton Hills Village 2. Ann Arbor Township 3. Huntington Woods City 4. Franklin Village 5. East Grand Rapids City Minnesota: 1. North Oaks City 2. Woodland City 3. Falcon Heights City 4. Deephaven City 5. Sunfish Lake City Mississippi: 1. Madison City 2. Ridgeland City 3. Flowood City 4. Oxford City 5. Starkville City Missouri: 1. Ladue City 2. Frontenac City 3. Warson Woods City 4. Huntleigh City 5. Westwood Village Montana: 1. Rocky Point 2. Bozeman City 3. Big Sky 4. East Glacier Park Village 5. Kings Point Nebraska: 1. Wayne City 2. Papillion City 3. Chalco 4. Kearney City 5. Chadron City Nevada: 1. Incline Village-Crystal Bay 2. Verdi-Mogul 3. Kingsbury 4. Summerlin South 5. Blue Diamond New Hampshire: 1. Hanover Town 2. Hanover 3. Durham Town 4. New London Town 5. Hollis Town New Jersey: 1. Princeton Township 2. Princeton Junction 3. Plainsboro Center 4. Millburn 5. West Windsor Township New Mexico: 1. Pinehill 2. Eldorado at Santa Fe 3. Los Alamos 4. White Rock 5. Corrales Village New York: 1. Forest Home 2. Cayuga Heights Village 3. East Ithaca 4. Scarsdale Village 5. Chappaqua North Carolina: 1. Montreat Town 2. Biltmore Forest Town 3. Chapel Hill Town 4. Forest Hills Village 5. Fearrington North Dakota: 1. Oxbow City 2. Medora City 3. Fargo City 4. Mayville City 5. Wimbledon City Ohio: 1. Bentleyville Village 2. The Village of Indian Hill City 3. Hunting Valley Village 4. Pepper Pike City 5. Terrace Park Village Oklahoma: 1. Nichols Hills City 2. Goodwell Town 3. Stillwater City 4. Edmond City 5. Hall Park Town Oregon: 1. Lake Oswego City 2. West Haven-Sylvan 3. Corvallis City 4. Oak Hills 5. Ashland City Pennsylvania: 1. Edgeworth Borough 2. Birmingham Township 3. Woodside 4. State College Borough 5. Tredyffrin Township Rhode Island: 1. East Greenwich Town 2. Barrington 3. Melville 4. South Kingstown Town 5. Jamestown Town South Carolina: 1. Kiawah Island Town 2. Briarcliffe Acres Town 3. Seabrook Island Town 4. Sullivan’s Island Town 5. Isle of Palms City South Dakota: 1. Vermillion City 2. Colonial Pine Hills 3. Brookings City 4. Pierre City 5. Hitchcock Town Tennessee: 1. Belle Meade City 2. Forest Hills City 3. Sewanee 4. Lookout Mountain Town 5. Brentwood City Texas: 1. Bunker Hill Village 2. University Park City 3. West University Place City 4. West Lake Hills City 5. Barton Creek Utah: 1. Summit Park 2. South Snyderville Basin 3. Granite 4. North Snyderville Basin 5. Park City Vermont: 1. Shelburne Town 2. Stowe Town 3. Winhall Town 4. Underhill Town 5. Jericho Town Virginia: 1. Wolf Trap 2. Great Falls 3. McLean 4. Wyndham 5. Tysons Corner Washington: 1. Beaux Arts Village Town 2. Yarrow Point Town 3. Medina City 4. Hunts Point Town 5. Clyde Hill City West Virginia: 1. Bethany Town 2. Harpers Ferry Town 3. North Hills Town 4. Shepherdstown Town 5. Mitchell Heights Town Wisconsin: 1. Maple Bluff Village 2. Whitefish Bay Village 3. Fox Point Village 4. Elm Grove Village 5. Shorewood Village Wyoming: 1. Teton Village 2. Centennial 3. Moose Wilson Road 4. Wilson 5. Alta

Best Places to Have a High-brow Conversation.
College Degrees: Top 5 Counties by state.

Alabama: 1. Shelby County 2. Madison County 3. Montgomery County 4. Lee County 5. Jefferson County Alaska: 1. Juneau City Borough 2. Sitka City Borough 3. Anchorage Municipality 4. Fairbanks North Star Borough 5. Haines Borough Arkansas: 1. Pulaski County 2. Faulkner County 3. Washington County 4. Craighead County 5. Benton County California: 1. Marin County 2. San Francisco County 3. Santa Clara County 4. San Mateo County 5. Contra Costa County Colorado: 1. Pitkin County 2. Boulder County 3. Douglas County 4. San Miguel County 5. Summit County Connecticut: 1. Fairfield County 2. Middlesex County 3. Tolland County 4. Hartford County 5. New Haven County Delaware: 1. New Castle County 2. Kent County 3. Sussex County Florida: 1. Leon County 2. Alachua County 3. St. Johns County 4. Seminole County 5. Collier County Georgia: 1. Fulton County 2. Clarke County 3. Oconee County 4. Cobb County 5. DeKalb County Hawaii: 1. Honolulu County 2. Maui County 3. Hawaii County 4. Kauai County 5. Kalawao County Idaho: 1. Blaine County 2. Latah County 3. Ada County 4. Teton County 5. Valley County Illinois: 1. DuPage County 2. Lake County 3. Champaign County 4. McLean County 5. Jackson County Indiana: 1. Hamilton County 2. Monroe County 3. Tippecanoe County 4. Boone County 5. Marion County Iowa: 1. Johnson County 2. Story County 3. Jefferson County 4. Polk County 5. Linn County Kansas: 1. Johnson County 2. Douglas County 3. Riley County 4. Ellis County 5. Shawnee County Kentucky: 1. Fayette County 2. Oldham County 3. Woodford County 4. Jefferson County 5. Warren County Louisiana: 1. Lincoln Parish 2. East Baton Rouge Parish 3. St. Tammany Parish 4. Orleans Parish 5. Lafayette Parish Maine: 1. Cumberland County 2. Hancock County 3. Lincoln County 4. Knox County 5. Sagadahoc County Maryland: 1. Montgomery County 2. Howard County 3. Anne Arundel County 4. Baltimore County 5. Frederick County Massachusetts: 1. Middlesex County 2. Norfolk County 3. Nantucket County 4. Dukes County 5. Hampshire County Michigan: 1. Washtenaw County 2. Oakland County 3. Ingham County 4. Leelanau County 5. Kalamazoo County Minnesota: 1. Hennepin County 2. Dakota County 3. Olmsted County 4. Ramsey County 5. Carver County Mississippi: 1. Madison County 2. Oktibbeha County 3. Lafayette County 4. Hinds County 5. Lamar County Missouri: 1. Boone County 2. St. Louis County 3. Platte County 4. Adair County 5. Cole County Montana: 1. Gallatin County 2. Missoula County 3. Lewis and Clark County 4. Jefferson County 5. Yellowstone County Nebraska: 1. Lancaster County 2. Douglas County 3. Sarpy County 4. Buffalo County 5. Dawes County Nevada: 1. Washoe County 2. Douglas County 3. Carson City County 4. Storey County 5. Clark County New Hampshire: 1. Grafton County 2. Rockingham County 3. Hillsborough County 4. Merrimack County 5. Cheshire County New Jersey: 1. Somerset County 2. Morris County 3. Hunterdon County 4. Bergen County 5. Monmouth County New Mexico: 1. Los Alamos County 2. Santa Fe County 3. Bernalillo County 4. Taos County 5. Sandoval County New York: 1. New York County 2. Tompkins County 3. Westchester County 4. Rockland County 5. Nassau County North Carolina: 1. Orange County 2. Wake County 3. Durham County 4. Mecklenburg County 5. Watauga County North Dakota: 1. Cass County 2. Burleigh County 3. Grand Forks County 4. Stark County 5. Ward County Ohio: 1. Delaware County 2. Franklin County 3. Geauga County 4. Greene County 5. Hamilton County Oklahoma: 1. Payne County 2. Cleveland County 3. Tulsa County 4. Washington County 5. Oklahoma County Oregon: 1. Benton County 2. Washington County 3. Multnomah County 4. Clackamas County 5. Lane County Pennsylvania: 1. Chester County 2. Montgomery County 3. Centre County 4. Bucks County 5. Delaware County Rhode Island: 1. Newport County 2. Washington County 3. Bristol County 4. Kent County 5. Providence County South Carolina: 1. Beaufort County 2. Richland County 3. Charleston County 4. Greenville County 5. Lexington County South Dakota: 1. Clay County 2. Brookings County 3. Hughes County 4. Union County 5. Minnehaha County Tennessee: 1. Williamson County 2. Davidson County 3. Knox County 4. Shelby County 5. Hamilton County Texas: 1. Collin County 2. Travis County 3. Brazos County 4. Fort Bend County 5. Denton County Utah: 1. Summit County 2. Cache County 3. Utah County 4. Davis County 5. Salt Lake County Vermont: 1. Chittenden County 2. Washington County 3. Lamoille County 4. Windham County 5. Windsor County Virginia: 1. Falls Church City County 2. Arlington County 3. Fairfax County 4. Alexandria City County 5. Albemarle County Washington: 1. Whitman County 2. San Juan County 3. King County 4. Thurston County 5. Jefferson County West Virginia: 1. Monongalia County 2. Ohio County 3. Jefferson County 4. Cabell County 5. Kanawha County Wisconsin: 1. Dane County 2. Ozaukee County 3. Waukesha County 4. Eau Claire County 5. St. Croix County Wyoming: 1. Teton County 2. Albany County 3. Park County 4. Laramie County 5. Sheridan County

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